My Skills

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Wasn’t sure I had any so thought I would ask my boyfriend – he points out I can knit and that I’m often better at commenting on F1 than the TV commentators – from this I conclude I am not a very useful person to live with!

Workwise, I have some Moodle admin skills (though if it gets to technical I have to ask my lovely eLearning team), I can write a bit of HTML in notepad, I can usually fix Heritage (our library management system), I’m quite good with numbers (although I don’t know the difference between less and fewer) and I have an NVQ2 in Customer Service.

I am almost certainly not the greatest teacher at the college but I am quite probably the fastest! My line management skills are either pretty good or I’m so scary my team pretend they are and I am good at making decisions but sadly not all the decisions I make are good!



October 18, 2012 · 7:21 pm

2 responses to “My Skills

  1. Now I know to ask when I get stuck with Moodle!

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