What do I make of blogging?

So far, I have mixed views on the usefulness of blogging…

Personally, I have found it difficult to remember to blog and so instead of any ongoing considered reflection it feels more like a series of short, sharp posts when I feel I am getting behind everyone else. I worry a bit too about my style of writing – I am torn about the style of writing I should use – because blogs feel so personal, I feel it should be my normal informal, slightly irreverent style of communication I would use verbally but then when I look at other peoples I wonder if people are actually expecting a more formal, academic style of writing. I find the use of images and multimedia tends to be an afterthought as I am not a very visual sort of person…

However, I think other people’s blogs are a wonderful source of information – especially when they have the credentials for you to trust them as ‘experts’ in their field – where tagging is done well, it allows relevent posts to be easily and blogs can provide great summaries of the key arguments and contrasting viewpoints on a topic.

Generally speaking, I feel blogs are most useful as a quick and easy form of publishing – for ‘experts’ within communities to put across their views and generate discussion. I have great appreciation for the poeple who have the time and commitment to do this … but I suspect I may not be one myself!  For me, in terms of community building I feel other social media (particularly Twitter) are a better (and more realistic in terms of time) way to keep in touch with my fellow professionals.

Also, I really hate reflecting – I prefer doing things – which does make me wonder why I thought this course was a good idea…


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