Ideas for my design project

I am feeling a little indecisive about my design project – I have 3 possible ideas:

  1. Looking at a way to offer the 1 to 1 study skills support we provide online. I have heard about another college that was doing this and it seemed a good idea but I haven’t really thought through the practicalities yet – maybe using Google Docs? Jing?
  2. In the summer we did a pilot using WizIQ to deliver staff training sessions simultaneously in Hull and Harrogate – this might be an interesting thing to look at although it hasn’t been entirely successful ..
  3. We also started using Socrative to get quick feedback from staff training session – again this could be interesting to look at.

Am still not sure but having typed them up, I am tempted by the first one – it might be most work but might have most benefits at the end of it – but then looking at the other two could lead to improvements as well…




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3 responses to “Ideas for my design project

  1. And now have yet another ‘idea’ that might be a priority – have been asked to develop a short introduction to e-Safety as part of the college induction

  2. For the first one, it might be an idea to speak to the other college to see if they can help you rather than starting from scratch they may be able to offer templates or support or whatever.

    I have no idea what wizIQ is so can’t help there but if its already been tried and failed it might be a good idea to steer clear of that one.

    Ramblings of a mad man…..

    • Thanks Paul – in the end I think I will have to go with my later e-safety idea as I have a deadline to develop that anyway but I have taken your advice and asked other colleges if I can look at what they do – that has given me some ideas about content and formats – now I just need to look at our college priorities to help me choose an appropriate pedagogy – I feel inspired to do a futher blog post!!!

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