Ideas for my Design Project – part 2

Right – I have decided!  I am going to try and develop a learning object that gives a very short introduction to e-Safety and can hopefully both be used by lecturers during the induction period and used to direct part-time students to to look at outside class as there is not  enough contact time for them to do it at college

The hard thing will  be that it will need to be approriate for both classroom delivery and independent study and also ideally appropriate to all courses from GCSE to Masters!

I am thinking of using Xerte (if it is not too difficult to learn) as it is very accesible and I think allows multimedia and quizzes to be easily built in – but I also need to build it in to Moodle so we have a record of who has completed  – not sure if this can be done!


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  1. Hi Emily yes Xerte is a good tool for creating interactive learning resources. I think you can upload to Moodle and get people to complete a quiz at the end via Moodle to test their understanding. I’d suggest that you check out the info on using Xerte which is on the MSc module on Unilearn. There is also an online webinar next Friday (30th at 1pm) which may be useful about Xerte. Liz

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