ocTEL – Engaging and Effective Learning Materials

So the task is to find a relevant open access resource I could use in my teaching …

1. OpenLearn- Safari

As the OU are our new validating partner, they seemed a good place to srat. I have heard about Safari before but not explored it – my first impressions are that it is very detailed and text-heavy – whilst it encourages you to thing about the issues raised and even (shock, horror!) use a pen and paper to reflect – there are limited activities and instructions for the ones there are aren’t always clear

However, the content itself is good – I will definitely add this recource to our VLE in case it helps students in their independent learning or other tutors and I suppose I might use small sections in my teaching but my overall impression is that it is too intimidating

re:Source doesn’t seem to have any study skills type materials. On Merlot I found a nice research tutorial by Buffalo Libraries which while a bit American and library-specific, has potential for editing to produce a similar one for our own library and has some nice use of video files. As with many external resources I am more tempted to ‘steal’ ideas and part of it rather than use it outright due to differences in terminology etc.

Overall, I found the ‘official’ recsource banks more useful than Youtube, TED etc where it was difficult to identify anything relevant/credible in the mass of material on there



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  1. However, by visiting the discussions on the #ocTEL forums, I found 2 great resources – this one (with added dinosaurs!) – http://www.library.usyd.edu.au/elearning/learn/topic/index.php and this slightly more sensible one – http://dspace.jorum.ac.uk/xmlui/handle/10949/13208. Thanks @ElizabethECharl

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