#FLble1 – end of Week 1- Is the value of Blended Learning really worth questioning?

Contemplating the Padlet wall created a t the end of week one, I find myself (as well as pondering how few academics can stock to 40 words!) trying to answer the question – Why Bother with Blended Learning? There are many answers I could make to this question:

  • Most students like technology – helps with engagement and support
  • Beats purely online learning – we can use technology for the bits it does well and still use face-to-face for the rest
  • It is a good way to address reductions in classroom hours in FE
  • It helps students with particular difficulties by enhancing flexibility

It is obviously there are key difficulties with the adoption of more Blended Learning in FE, in particular how we can provide time for staff to develop their skills and experiment but when it comes down to it, I think my view is:


If we try to ignore technology, we will just lose out to other providers who don’t. This is the way the world is going and if we don’t embrace it we will fund ourselves . as the great Bob Harrison so eloquently explains like Milly’s school asking her to bring a disposable camera.

I think we will know when we have got it right when we stop calling it Blended Learning and it just become Learning again…


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