#FLBLe1 – end of week 3:Fashion vs Function?

Some of my thoughts for this week:

  1. Underused Bits of Moodle
    Reflecting on a VLe, it occurs to me that Moodle is sometimes under-rated – it may not be the most ‘fashionable’ bit of software we use but staff and students generally like it and it does have a great deal of flexibility that sometimes we don’t exploit enough – things within it that I would like to promote to staff to use further include:
    -the Grid format ( a good way to escape the ‘Scroll of Death’)
    -putting up PDF versions of documents to improve accessibility
    –  creating Quizzes to provide quick formative feedback
    – using the data Moodle provides to see what your learners are doing, how long for and when to help you identify where more support is needed.
  2. Keeping up  with new technologies
    Obviously, new things are appearing much quicker than we can find them let alone experiment with them but that is no excuse for us to abandon out natural curiosity and enthusiasm to try something new. It is very easy for us to develop loyalty to the familiar and to write off suggestions for new technologies to try without giving them full consideration.

    To try and avoid this, this week I have developed the same piece of learning material using 2 different authoring Tools – Gomo and Xerte.  At the end of the week, my preference is still Xerte which is the one we traditionally use but at least I can hand on heart say I gave Gomo a proper try – the end product it produced looked good but I did not find it initiative to use ( no auto-save?) and as a new product that were some useful things missing (ability to embed Youtube videos) – however the main factor as far as I can see is the cost – at approx £1k a year rather than free, Gomo needed to significantly outperform Xerte to be considered as far as I can see.

    In terms of how we keep up with technology, I think 3 things are very useful – social media (especially Twitter) to see what others in my job role are exploring, Youtube and websites for ‘How to do it’ instructions when you get stuck with a new bit of technology and particularly the role of other people evangelicising about some software they have found – our eLearning leads are still my best source of new ideas as you can’t beat individual persuasion and demonstration from someone who has found something they love!

  3. Let’s try something else new!
    Inspired by the course, I have also had a go with Thinglink to bring together some of the new technologies I love in the areas I think tutors will find them useful to consider.

    Here it is: https://www.thinglink.com/scene/724950721417445377

    Let me know what you think and feel free to suggest additions!


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