#FLBLe2: How was it for me & what next?

So finally completed the 2 weeks of part 2 of Blended Learning Essentials (and for a number of reasons they felt longer than the 5 original weeks…) and so here are some final reflections…

How was it for me?

  • Long – apparently it should have taken 12 hours but I spent 8 hours on the second week alone. I will feed this back to the team as it is a good illustration about how realistic predictions of these things are important – if anything I guess it is better to under-estimate as we all like to finish early! Once you have got ‘behind’ in a course like this, it does get harder to finish, however interested you are, as it start to feel less and less  like a ‘live event’.
  • However, the second part of Blended Learning essentials was definitely more interesting for me as someone who has been working with technology in a college for a while but feels they have only had limited success in ’embedding’ – it was both a relief and disappointing to see other people’s comments and realise we are not that different to everyone else and the same issues are arising everywhere – a reflection on the scale of what we are trying to change and the increasingly limited resources available to us?
  • On reflection,  the risk of looking at some of the difficult and challenging issues in the second part is that we become disheartened and lose sight of how far we have come and the brilliant examples we are starting to see in practice – for myself who has a had a very difficult year both personally and professionally it is important I do not focus on what we haven’t achieved too much and can still see the positives in the wonderful national projects we got to join in with last year – Learning Futures and the Jisc Interactive Learning Resources for Skills project.

What next?

  • As part of my MSc in Technology-Enhanced Learning at Huddersfield University , I am going to carry out a small-scale action research project to evaluate how staff at my college found participating in #FLBLe – what got in the way, whether it inspired them etc?
  • Blended Learning Essentials Part 1 starts again on 7th March! Whilst I obviously won’t have time to work through it step by step again, I hope to continue hanging around as a mentor and to continue posting encouraging comments, probing questions and links to useful information as well as encouraging more of my colleagues to join in – it you haven’t done so, sign up now!
  • Take a little time to be proud of myself – if nothing else, this is the first MOOC I have ever completed – next step is to look at CMALT accreditation…

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